• The USA has the world’s largest international student population. Almost 5% of students enrolled in top universities and colleges across the country are international students. The number of students visiting the USA has been increasing over the years. MS in USA is the leading study destination in the world for international students
  • Masters in USA : 

  • USA offers a rich field of choices. International students from only a limited number of countries are allowed to pursue Master’s courses in the US. Usually, the duration of Master’s courses in America is 2 years. Most of the master’s courses are merely based on classroom teaching, and each student must prepare a long research paper called Master’s thesis or complete a Master’s project. As a Overseas consultancy for USA we provide accurate guidance.
  • Cost of Study :

  • $15000 – $25000 per year (Privately run institutions)
    $10000 – $20000 per year (State run institutions)
  • Intake : 

  • The three intakes available in the US are:
    Fall: Starts in August/September.
    Spring: Starts in January; it’s best for you if you miss the September/Fall intake.
    Summer: Available for limited programs and colleges, the summer intake usually starts around May.
  • Language Requirement :

  • IELTS, TOEFL and DUOLINGO for proof of English language proficiency.
    GRE – Graduate Record Examination – For entry in to Graduate Programs
    GMAT– Graduate Management Admission Test is required for admission to MBA and other management programs.
    SAT– Scholastic Aptitude Test is required for admission in to bachelor level courses
    LSAT and MCAT – Law and Medical schools
  • Cost Of Living

  • $10000 to $16000 per year
  • Work Opportunity

  • 20 hours per week on campus
    Student visa is not eligible for off campus work opportunity